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6f Dread Fishtail Longboard (Complete Setup)

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Product Details

The Tosh super cool over sized skate boards have arrived, a 100% custom handmade board for the real long board connoisseur 

Designed and produced in California, they deliver the real essence of cruising for all ages, the Reggae designed colour scheme ensures originality that's in keeping with the ToSh Classic philosophy. 

ToSh will be adding more board designs over the coming days and weeks but they will continue to be between 5ft and 8ft and use THE best materials and components, but it’s the beautiful craftsmanship that makes all the difference, we believe in our products and we know that our boards are extremely well priced.

All the ToSh ‘red gold green’ series boards will be in limited numbers…be quick…More graphics will be released so keep checking in.


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